Professional Skill Building

Capital Campaign Leadership

Capital Campaign Leadership, this definition certainly applies to the leadership needed for a successful capital campaign. For a nonprofit organization, whether it is an educational institution, a hospital foundation, a community library, a YMCA, performing arts center or any of the many other types of groups that depend largely on private support for their continuity…

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The Need to Be Clear

by: David Phillips Top 10 Effective Fundraising Rules Rule #1:  Always approach prospective donors with two carefully trained people, at least one of whom should be a social and/or business peer of the prospective donor. Rule #2:  When you solicit a gift, you need to be crystal clear—especially as it relates to the amount of…

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When It's Time To Lead, Who Steps Up?

Charleston, the “Holy City.” So named because of an overriding religious history and a burgeoning reconciliation between races. A holy city’s peace shattered by bullets claiming nine lives at what has been considered the “mother” church among African-Americans, Emmanuel AME Church, founded by freed slaves long before the Civil War. A peace now torn asunder…

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