Fundraising Principles

Hands on Means Hands Down (Victory, That Is!)

It has become increasingly clear to me with each capital campaign I am involved with, that the single most important determining factor in the magnitude of success is the level and intensity of involvement by principals of the organization—both professional staff and volunteers. That is, I find a direct correlation between the level of success…

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Fundraising Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Everyone wants to have an advantage in pursuing the strategic goals of his or her organization. Fundraising is no different; so let us take a look at what appear to be the strongest trends that will affect what we do in the next six to twelve months. In a nutshell, things are looking up, but…

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The Need to Be Clear

by: David Phillips Top 10 Effective Fundraising Rules Rule #1:  Always approach prospective donors with two carefully trained people, at least one of whom should be a social and/or business peer of the prospective donor. Rule #2:  When you solicit a gift, you need to be crystal clear—especially as it relates to the amount of…

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