Major Gifts

Hands on Means Hands Down (Victory, That Is!)

It has become increasingly clear to me with each capital campaign I am involved with, that the single most important determining factor in the magnitude of success is the level and intensity of involvement by principals of the organization—both professional staff and volunteers. That is, I find a direct correlation between the level of success…

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Making a Good Solicitation Better

I have worked with thousands and maybe even tens of thousands of volunteers, teaching them and trying to put them ‘at ease’ with asking someone for money to help their cause.  There is, as it says in Ecclesiastes, nothing new under the sun.  Yet, the things that work more effectively are seldom intuitive or natural,…

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Major Giving for Arts & Culture

Cultural enrichment is important for every community. Larger cities have many nonprofits that serve to grow the interest in arts and culture: art museums, botanical gardens, community parks, chorales, symphonies, operas, historical museums, zoos and other cultural enrichment organizations. The question then becomes, what financial support do these organizations have, since many could be competing…

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