Board Development

Capital Campaign Leadership

Capital Campaign Leadership, this definition certainly applies to the leadership needed for a successful capital campaign. For a nonprofit organization, whether it is an educational institution, a hospital foundation, a community library, a YMCA, performing arts center or any of the many other types of groups that depend largely on private support for their continuity…

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The Fundraising Physicians Toolkit

Building a Culture of Grateful Patients and Grateful Physicians The Grateful Patient model centers on patients who have experienced the expert care and treatment of your organization. But the entire process can be boiled down to one question: “How can I give back?” The following toolkit is a checklist to put in place once a…

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Don't Do It! Resist Temptation to Fix It Personally

If a man would win the heart of a woman, he will listen, and not try to fix it! –David G. Phillips   To provide the best leadership to her corporation (whether motivated for profit or not), a board chairman ought not to invade the purview of senior management by meddling in operational affairs.  For…

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