Capital Campaign Direction & Management

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This comprehensive service gives your organization a full-time campaign director who is 100% dedicated to the capital campaign and is working out of your organization's offices.

CDS works with your organization to plan, organize and monitor all aspects of the capital campaign process. Whatever the needs of the campaign, the CDS campaign director will be there to ensure that all the details of the campaign from the technical to the creative go smoothly and successfully. The CDS director will:

  • Draft the capital campaign plan
  • Create a detailed timetable
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Conduct intensive prospect research and screening
  • Write all capital campaign literature
  • Work with graphic designers and printers to produce capital campaign marketing materials
  • Collaborate with creative firms to develop capital campaign video;
  • Track the capital campaign's progress and provide counsel based on that assessment; and
  • Ensure the capital campaign remains a top priority of the organization's management and governing board.
CDS Capital Campaign Direction and Management
CDS Capital Campaign Direction and Management

Need Capital Campaign Direction & Management?