How to Identify and Connect With Corporate Sponsors

Two men shake hands in an office, representing a sponsorship agreement deal being made.

Working with a corporate sponsor is exciting, whether they’re launching a cause marketing campaign, funding an event, or donating to your capital campaign. With the help of businesses, nonprofits can access more resources, new audiences, and more channels to spread awareness of their missions.  However, to access these benefits, you first need to find and…

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4 Ways to Use Your Healthcare Website to Promote Fundraising

A doctor types on a laptop

Fundraising is essential to support staffing, programs, supplies, equipment, and the other resources you need to continue serving your community effectively. However, as a healthcare fundraising professional, you know how challenging it can be to reach donors and secure long-term support. Your healthcare website is one of the most useful tools to spread the word…

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Best Practices for Clean and Accurate Nonprofit CRM Data

A team of business professionals review clean and accurate nonprofit CRM data.

A constituent relationship management (CRM) system is the backbone of your nonprofit’s operations, housing vital information about donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and more. However, in order for your CRM to be useful, the data inside of it must be clean and accurate.  In this guide, we’ll explore four best practices for managing and maintaining data. Whether…

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3 Fundraising Tips to Empower Your Youth Organization

Youth-centered organizations, whether they’re sports teams, afterschool programs, or scouts clubs, offer many important benefits to young people. These organizations provide safe, positive environments for children to learn new skills and focus on academic success. This helps more young people to achieve their full potential. While these programs are critically important, as a staff member,…

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How to Steward Major Gifts With Your Nonprofit CRM

This guide explains how nonprofits can steward major gifts using their nonprofit CRM solutions.

Whether your nonprofit is planning a capital campaign or just fundraising to cover your general programs, major gifts can help you make significant progress toward your goals. They provide a boost that can propel the rest of your fundraising efforts forward. However, major gifts can be hard to acquire. Wouldn’t it be nice to steward…

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How Holiday Shopping Fundraisers Can Help Your Nonprofit

This photo is of a young couple sitting on a sofa in front of a Christmas tree as they do their holiday shopping together on a laptop.

The end of the year and holiday season is critical for nonprofit fundraising. Approximately 30% of annual donations to charitable organizations occur in December, and 12% are made just in the last three days of the year! Given these statistics, it’s important for your nonprofit to strategically plan for this busy giving season. Many organizations…

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3 Necessities to Consider When Soliciting a Gift

In everyday life, asking for financial support or soliciting a gift is something many of us struggle with. When confronting someone with such delicate requests, we ask ourselves questions like: The truth is, asking for financial support is challenging in any context, and in many cases, the answers to these questions vary greatly. Here at…

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Advocacy 101: Where to start

This week, I’ll be attending Habitat for Humanity’s Habitat on the Hill event in Washington, DC. I started attending years ago, when I worked for a local affiliate in Tennessee, and it remains one of my favorite events of the year. We’ll be celebrating the successes of Habitat affiliates around the country who have enhanced the…

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