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6 Signs Your Non Profit Needs a New Website

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Are you getting that sinking feeling that your nonprofit’s website isn’t helping your mission as much as it could? Having an effective website is an important step to achieving your goals. Look for these six signs that your nonprofit needs a new website, and find tools and tips to better assess how your current site…

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The Need to Be Clear

by: David Phillips Top 10 Effective Fundraising Rules Rule #1:  Always approach prospective donors with two carefully trained people, at least one of whom should be a social and/or business peer of the prospective donor. Rule #2:  When you solicit a gift, you need to be crystal clear—especially as it relates to the amount of…

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4 Guiding Principles for Cause-Related Marketing and Commercial Co-Ventures

Partnering with commercial businesses can be a great way for nonprofit organizations to fundraise. Over the past decade, cause-marketing relationships between nonprofit and commercial businesses have grown exponentially in popularity.  Campaigns like Yoplait Save Lids to Save Lives, Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, American Express’ The Members Project, Nike’s Livestrong Bracelets, and The Gap’s Product…

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