Custom Development Solutions, Inc recently served Gateway Clubhouse, a nonprofit company that assists those with mental illness by offering education, housing, and job placement. CDS provided Gateway Clubhouse with the following services:

  • Fundraising Advice & Council
  • Campaign Feasibility Study
  • Capital Campaign Planning & Direction
Gateway fundraising case study
$ million
$ million

CDS conducted a Campaign Feasibility Study for the Gateway Clubhouse that uncovered key insights about the organization's community and where to find support. CDS used personal interviews to uncover Gateway's path to maximizing fundraising potential. After interviewing just under 100 individuals, CDS concluded Gateway should set a fundraising goal between two and a half and three million dollars. Over the following ten months, CDS stood beside Gateway, assisting them in every aspect of their fundraising efforts, which allowed for a highly successful and profitable campaign. With the help of CDS, Gateway has now raised five million dollars, exceeding their goal by over two million dollars.

Stuart Mauney

Chairman of the Board

"I wanted to thank David Phillips, CEO and President of CDS, Patti, Martha, and your company for your leadership in our capital campaign. We could not have done it without your expertise! Patti has been a pleasure to work with, and has guided us through the land mines that often go undetected in these kinds of efforts. We have raised over $4 million toward our goal, and have a number of "asks" outstanding. We are confident we will get there, and we will continue to push toward our groundbreaking, probably in January. On behalf of the board, staff members, and their families, thank you for helping make our dream of a new clubhouse come true!"

Randy Redlinger

Executive Director of Gateway

"I would like to first thank you for the support that CDS has been to the Gateway's Capital Campaign. Patti definitely follows the Clemson slogan "All In" and has been very supportive to guide the Campaign and mentor Martha to establish a structured development office."