Donor Retention Tips: 5 Ways to Follow Up After An Auction

Auction participants raising their bid paddles.

Nonprofit auctions have a reputation for engaging their participants—and not just the individuals who win auction items. From donors to event volunteers to corporate sponsors, these fundraisers bring your nonprofit’s entire community together to support its cause.  To retain their support well beyond your event and cultivate deeper donor relationships, you’ll need to effectively follow…

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7 Tips for Creating a Compelling Nonprofit Donation Request

Someone sending a nonprofit donation request through the mail

Your nonprofit’s fundraising team is hard at work developing new ways to connect with donors and increase revenue. But perhaps you feel stuck in a rut or like you’ve hit a plateau. How can you continue engaging supporters time and time again in ways that feel fresh and compelling? In this guide, we’ll use these…

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Hiring to Retain: A Quick & Easy Guide for Nonprofits

An interviewer smiling at an interviewee during a job interview

How your nonprofit approaches the hiring process sets the tone for the entire employee lifecycle, including whether you retain an employee for the long run.  And for nonprofits working with limited resources and competing with for-profit organizations for talent, retention is critical. Retention leads to organizational stability, allowing you to work toward long-term goals and…

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A Quick Guide to the Role of a Nonprofit Treasurer

A nonprofit treasurer consulting with another board member in a meeting room.

Your nonprofit’s board of directors exists to provide oversight for your organization. Having a group of dedicated individuals strategically guiding your nonprofit is essential for effective operations, whether you’re working toward a major fundraising campaign goal or trying to deliver the best possible services in your community day-to-day. Financial management is one of the most…

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How to Identify and Connect With Corporate Sponsors

Two men shake hands in an office, representing a sponsorship agreement deal being made.

Working with a corporate sponsor is exciting, whether they’re launching a cause marketing campaign, funding an event, or donating to your capital campaign. With the help of businesses, nonprofits can access more resources, new audiences, and more channels to spread awareness of their missions.  However, to access these benefits, you first need to find and…

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4 Ways to Use Your Healthcare Website to Promote Fundraising

A doctor types on a laptop

Fundraising is essential to support staffing, programs, supplies, equipment, and the other resources you need to continue serving your community effectively. However, as a healthcare fundraising professional, you know how challenging it can be to reach donors and secure long-term support. Your healthcare website is one of the most useful tools to spread the word…

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Best Practices for Clean and Accurate Nonprofit CRM Data

A team of business professionals review clean and accurate nonprofit CRM data.

A constituent relationship management (CRM) system is the backbone of your nonprofit’s operations, housing vital information about donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and more. However, in order for your CRM to be useful, the data inside of it must be clean and accurate.  In this guide, we’ll explore four best practices for managing and maintaining data. Whether…

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3 Fundraising Tips to Empower Your Youth Organization

Youth-centered organizations, whether they’re sports teams, afterschool programs, or scouts clubs, offer many important benefits to young people. These organizations provide safe, positive environments for children to learn new skills and focus on academic success. This helps more young people to achieve their full potential. While these programs are critically important, as a staff member,…

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