Facebook Events: Why do they matter to your nonprofit?

At CDS we’re somewhat contrary when it comes to events as fundraisers because of the time and energy they can take to organize. However, they’re great friend-raisers and serve as a platform for you to build awareness in the community you serve beyond your core supporters. Odds are, your organization already hosts several events a…

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Come Together with Communication

We’ve all been on one side or the other of a big communication blunder, whether you received the same email twice from two different people, or someone gave you the wrong address for an 8AM meeting so now you’re late. After a great “Know and Grow” presentation earlier this week by Amber McElduff of Moss…

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6 Signs Your Non Profit Needs a New Website

Custom Development Solutions digital-marketing strategies

Are you getting that sinking feeling that your nonprofit’s website isn’t helping your mission as much as it could? Having an effective website is an important step to achieving your goals. Look for these six signs that your nonprofit needs a new website, and find tools and tips to better assess how your current site…

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