6 Parts of an Effective Fundraising Offer

In his video, Jeff Brooks from TrueSense Marketing, explores the 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing and its role in fundraising. The 40/40/20 rule suggests that 40% of the success of a direct marketing campaign comes from the quality of your list, 40% from your request and 20% from the creative. The video touches on all of these aspects, but focuses on the middle 40%, the offer or request. Brooks states there are 6 parts of a good fundraising offer.

  1. Specificity-people want to know exactly what you need and where the money will be going. Don't beat around the bush here, ask for a specific amount of money or give a clear way to help.
  2. Simple- keep it simple, a strong offer omits details. If you are giving Bibles to a group of people say that, the message does not need to include that you will be dropping the Bibles from a plane. Keep it simple and to the point.
  3. Emotional Content- people give when their heart is touched. This step is usually best done with photographs.
  4. What's in it for me?- Most people want to help out a fundraising campaign because it makes them feel good.
  5. Leverage- more impact. The audience wants to know that what they are giving is a good value or that there is a matching grant to make what they are giving worth more. Many Food Bank campaigns use leverage when they let you know that your dollar will provide $7 or $8 worth of food, because food banks have networks to help grocers get excess food (that would be thrown away) to people before it spoils, and they get excess fresh donated produce from farmers to people before it spoils.
  6. Deadline- create a deadline for your campaign. If you don't have a deadline it will be human nature to say oh I will do it later and often times it doesn't happen. If there is a deadline people feel the need and have a desire to give because they know there is a need and a time frame in which the need is going to be met.

After discussing the 6 steps the video explores an example of an Urban Rescue Mission Campaign utilizing all of these steps.

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