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We provide an onsite campaign director who works hands-on to plan, organize, and monitor every aspect of the capital campaign process while training you, your staff, and volunteers in the use of proven and successful fundraising practices.
Campaign Feasibility & Planning Study
Thinking about a capital campaign? We will help determine your organization's readiness and reception within the community. We will develop a plan that identifies potential leaders and donors, realistic goals, and a timeline for a successful capital campaign.
Strategic Planning
CDS offers non-profit strategic planning services to help clarify the vision of your organization and help you define tactical goals for the future.
Board Development
CDS will enable your Non Profit Board to maximize effectiveness by providing detailed board member job descriptions, leading board training workshops, coaching executive management in leadership skills and facilitating board/staff retreats and orientations.
Developmental Audit
We will internally conduct a development audit of your professional fundraising programs in order to recommend the best actionable steps to reinforce your non-profit organization's infrastructure and future sustainability.
Major Gift Fundraising
Major Gift Fundraising is vital to the growth and the sustenance of a healthy non-profit organization. These relationships must be cultivated and harvested with great care to ensure that they develop into stronger and more passionate relationships with the non-profit organization through quality engagement, education and cultivation.
Capital Campaign Coaching & Management Program
This innovative, exclusively CDS-designed capital campaign coaching and management program is designed to teach and train participants on how to conduct a capital campaign from the beginning to the end
General Fundraising Advice & Counsel
Catered for smaller charities and nonprofit organizations, our general advice and counsel allows these organizations the same professional expertise and advice that they otherwise may not have been able to afford.